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St. Dominic

Feast Days: 
August 8
Time Period: 
Spain, France and Italy
Dominican Republic

St. Dominic was one of three boys born to parents of Spanish nobility and saintly character. He was ordained at 25 into an Augustinian order. In 1203, while traveling with the Bishop of Osma, he engaged in an all-night discussion with an innkeeper who believed the Albigensian heresy (did not believe in the Incarnation so Christ was not divine or the Savior). By daylight Dominic had converted him back to Catholicism. From that day forward, Dominic clearly saw his calling in life: to oppose heresy by preaching and teaching throughout the world. In the fight against heresy Dominic realized the long term solution was to provide the Church with clergy who were educated, zealous, itinerant preachers. He founded The Order of Brothers Preachers in 1215. St. Dominic is considered ‘the first minister of public instruction in Europe.

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