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Welcome to St. Thomas More Catholic Parish

Dear Parishioner,

Often Paul’s letters in the New Testament start with his greetings to the “holy ones” in whatever community he is writing to.  This reflects the truth that we, by virtue of our baptismal covenant, are called to be the holy and blessed people of God, wherever we live and in all that we do.  As such, I greet you as the holy members of the parish of St. Thomas More.

Being new myself to this community, I have found it to be one of many graces and blessings.  There is a sincere awareness of and desire to serve the Lord in the parish, and I pray you find it hospitable, inviting and engaging in your own spiritual journey. 

One obvious fact about the parish is that it is sizeable and there are many people to come to know and relate to within it.  I have always found the best way to do that is by investing my time and presence in some form of prayer, activity, and/or ministry within the community.  When we do this, it no longer seems large and daunting; rather we recognize the actual presence of others and take our place within that community as we approach and serve the Lord.

So please take advantage of the various programs, ministries and activities that you have available to you and actively step into the family which is St. Thomas More.  Pray for your fellow parishioners, and always know that you are in my daily prayers.  May the Lord fill us with His grace and may our Blessed Mother’s intercession keep us always close to her Son.

Please take time to explore and benefit from this website.  May it help to open doors, hearts, and souls to the calling of our God.

Sincerely in Christ,

Msgr. Thomas Fryar


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